Rafał Zubala

Rafał Zubala

{ software engineer }
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about me

I am married, I have a beautiful wife Kate who is a teacher at Primary School in Warsaw and wonderful son Franek. We like traveling and visiting foreign countries and cities. We spend our leisure time playing the board games, reading interesting books or watching good movies.

At work I believe I am hard-working, I am able to organize and plan the work. I am flexible, I am able to adapt to new conditions and new environment. I am always happy to learn new technologies and all the time I try to keep an optimistic approach. I don't regret the failures but only missed chances.

I spend free time in an active way. I'm keen on running and riding bicycle as well as trekking. From time to time I participate at running events in Warsaw - mainly 10km, half-marathons and marathons.
I am also fascinated by Spanish language and culture. I speak Spanish and all the time I try to improve my language skills. I am great fan of Carlos Ruiz Zafón and I am keen on reading his books in Spanish. I speak also a little German.

And eventually I have just started writing a blog.


I graduated from Warsaw University of Technology department of Electronic and Information Technology where I was studying from 2000 to 2005. I am Master of Science in Engineering, majoring in Telecommunication. I obtained very good finale grade, and every semester I was receiving the science grant. During my master project management (in Warsaw) I worked on the modeling of the radio channel of the Ultra Wide Band System (UWB).
I made studies at Technical University of Lisbon, in the department of the Telecommunications, where I wrote my Master of Science thesis. I was working on the project: “Multiuser interferences in geometrically based channel model in UMTS”, my tutor was Doctor Luís M. Correia.

I graduated in 2000 from XLIV A. Dobiszewski Secondary School in Warsaw with first class honors.

technical background

I am experienced developer of:

  • Java EE, Kotlin, Spring, Perl, Python, Hibernate, EclipseLink,
  • GWT, React, Angular, TypeScript,
  • PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL,
  • as well as C/C++, STL, Matlab, TI assembler, ARM,
  • moreover I have started development in native Android and React-Native for Android and iOS.

I have an experience both in low-level as well as high-level software development. As a software engineer I implemented the real time embedded systems and the Linux based systems. I have a good knowledge of DSP processors: Motorola 56xxx and Texas Instruments: C64xx and topics regarding the development of audio-video codecs: AAC+, H.264.

Moreover I worked on the development of the business ERP products as a full-stack developer which were implemented at the customers such as:

  • Comarch ERP
  • Workflow Innotion
  • Operatus

I worked in many places, in international teams where I gained the experience in team management and leading the software projects as well.

my work experience
  • Operatus from 09.2015 – till now
    I am full-stack developer of the Real time Enterprise Operatus project. Currently I am working mainly in Java EE, Hibernate, GWT, PostgreSQL, Perl and Python.

  • Innotion 09.2014 – 08.2015
    I was full-stack developer and I was involved in the development of the Workflow project. I was working mainly in Java EE, EclipseLink, JavaScript, jQuery, Velocity and MSSql.

  • Comarch S.A., SoftM Polska Sp. z o.o 04.2009 – 08.2014
    I worked in Research and Development department, where I developed the business ERP software of Comarch ERP/Semiramis system for German market. I used mainly Java and Perl.

  • VisionaryDSP 09.2008 – 12.2009
    I was the co-founder of the company as well as the software engineer. Our company was involved in many projects mainly from the video and audio processing areas. We were working primarily on TI DSP platforms and ARM processors as well. We developed i.a. ACC+ audio decoder for ARM platform or system for motion detection for TI DSP. The projects were developed in C/C++ and assembly language.

  • Sentivision 11.2005 - 10.2008
    I worked for Sentivision in Warsaw as a software engineer in the DSP department. I took part in the embedded systems projects, mainly on the TI's platforms. I worked on the acceleration of the graphics rendering, audio/video drivers, h.264 codecs and video processing. I used mainly C and assembly language for my projects.

  • Researcher/MSc student GROW 02.2005 - 10.2005
    I participate in works of a research group: A Group For Research On Wireless GROW in Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. I worked on the radio channel simulator for the UMTS system which I developed in C++ and Matlab.

  • Sacel Poland 07.2004 - 11.2004
    I worked as an electronics technician for Sacel Poland – Authorized Service Center of Nokia Mobile Phones.

  • Thomson Multimedia 07.2003 - 09.2003
    That was my first ever commercial software project. I worked as a trainee for Thomson Multimedia in Piaseczno. My task was to design and implement the network computer system (software and hardware), to support the management of the production.
my projects
  • Pay on time: Android application
    An application to remind the user about comming payments. The source code can be found on this github repo. The application is available on Google Play Store.

  • Pay on time: Web application
    A web version of the application to remind the user about comming payments. The initial source code can be found on this github repo. The application is still under design and development. I am using Spring Framework for the backend and JSP for the frontend however eventually the frontend will be written in React.

  • Glucose: Android application
    An application which stores the daily measurements of blood glucose levels in Google Spreadsheet. Application is being developed in Kotlin with Fragments and uses Model-View-ViewModel pattern and has the following screens. The source code can be found on this github repo.
    The list of missing features to be implemented before the Google Play publication: missing issues.

  • Raspberry Radio: Android application and Node.js REST Server
    A simple application which controls the Raspberry Pi radio (run as a Music Player Daemon). The REST server written in Node.js serves as a communication layer between application and the radio. An Android prototype application is written in Kotlin and uses Model-View-ViewModel pattern but the final version has been created in React-Native and has the following screens. The source code can be found on this github repo.

  • Milk: React Native application
    An application that allows to monitor infant's daily feeding volume as well as the number of poops. The application has the following screens. The source code can be found on this github repo.

  • CRM demo: Web application
    It's a simple demo of CRM manager. I am using Spring Boot Framework for the backend and React for the frontend. The source code can be found on this github repo. The application is still under design and development.


Rafał Zubala